The Law Enforcement Division is headed by a command staff member whom is appointed to the rank of Lieutenant. The Lieutenant serves as the Division Commander and reports directly to the Chief of Police. The Law Enforcement division is comprised of: Patrol, Traffic Unit, Fleet Management, and Training, and Investigations.

Midway Police Patrol Division is responsible for the day to day call taking of all citizen complaints, crimes, and initial investigations. Patrol is staffed by 2 Sergeants, and 11 Police Officers whom are responsible for a 24/7/365 shift rotation. Patrol has 2 squads which consist of an Alpha and Bravo Squad. Patrol Services provides a full range of prevention, suppression, detection of criminal activity, traffic enforcement and minor traffic crash investigations, and initial and follow-up investigations on crime reports.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit commonly referred to as “TEU” is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of motor vehicles on the roadways in Midway. TEU enforces all traffic law violations at high volume locations throughout the city and on the interstate. They also respond daily to traffic complaint locations called in by citizens.

Fleet Management

The overall goal of the Midway Police Department Fleet Management program is to support the departments functions by way of support services and operations. The mission is to maintain and repair fleet vehicles and designated equipment to achieve their maximum economic service life and the lowest lifetime maintenance costs with minimum amount of downtime. The fleet consists of 9 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, 1 Ford Explorer, and 1 Ford E-350 Special Response Vehicle and a supply of assigned duty equipment (lasers, radars, flashlights, first aid equipment, fire extinguishers, rain gear, fingerprinting kits, field drug testing kits, evidence collection bags, crime scene tape, and two-way radios

The Training Unit is responsible for all mandatory and advanced training requirements and courses for all departmental personnel members. The training unit is also responsible for all in-service training for all departmental members.

The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for performing in-depth criminal investigations, crime scene investigations and evidence produced by the patrol unit. The Investigations Unit members provide a proactive approach to investigating and identifying crime areas within the City in an effort to solve and reduce crime. The Criminal Investigations Unit falls under the command of the Law Enforcement Division Lieutenant and is supervised by a Sergeant.

The Administrative Services Division is headed by a command staff member whom is appointed to the rank of Major. The Major serves as the Support Services Division Commander and reports directly to the Chief of Police. The Administrative Services division is comprised of: Internal Affairs, Property/Evidence, Victim Advocate, and Community Policing.

Internal Affairs
The Midway Police Department Internal Affairs Unit has been established to create a process which ensures integrity of the Public Safety Department. This goal will be achieved and maintained through an internal system whereby objectivity, fairness, and justice are ensured by an impartial investigation and review. The Internal Affairs Unit is a specialized component that is responsible for investigating all complaints and/or allegations of illegal conduct and misconduct on that part of any public safety employee of the City of Midway as directed by the Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police.

The Property/Evidence Unit is comprised of one part-time non-sworn member whom is responsible for the collection, classification, packaging, maintenance, identification, processing, accountability, control, security, preservation, and disposal of property or evidence received by the department.

Victim Advocate
Victim Advocate Services remains committed to the development, implementation, and continuation of appropriate victim/witness assistance programs and activities. Each member of the department serves an integral role in ensuring that victims are treated with fairness, compassion, and dignity.

Community Policing
Community Policing provides support functions to Patrol Service and the community. Two officers are assigned to community crime prevention providing support for all community needs with special emphasis on crime, drug and violence prevention programs.