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If you need to speak with a Midway Police Officer, or Report an Incident please contact our Communications Center at: 

(850) 875-8825

Office Location:
50 M.L. King Boulevard
Midway, Florida 32343



Administrative Office Hours

Monday – Friday 
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Closed on Holidays

Office Phone Number 850.574.3057





To protect the lives of all citizens while ensuring fair, firm, and consistent community policing strategies while ensuring protection and order for the citizens of Midway.


MPD has had a storied history. In May 2011, the City of Midway decided it was time to open the doors to their very own police department. Plagued by a need for professional law enforcement services, the doors to the Police Department opened. The opening was not without a hiccup. The police department immediately made their presence felt in the community. Later on that year, MPD took on a complete restructuring to not only assess its level of services, but how best they can serve the community while remaining fiscally conscious.

 We have become known as one of the Florida Panhandle 's most proactive traffic enforcement agencies gaining state and national notoriety. However, MPD has begun a targeted proactive approach to community policing and building those lasting relationships with the business community and its leaders. The men and women who work for the Midway Police Department have one sole purpose; making Midway a safe place to live, work, and play!

 Midway is a growing community with numerous growing demands for public safety. As an agency that embraces community policing, we have seen a stark decline in the City’s overall crime rate since 2011. Burglaries and violent crimes decreased by over 65% compared to years before. Through increased community partnerships and proactive community involvement we are sure that Midway will continue to grow economically and in turn allow for a stronger city overall.

 The Midway Police Department continues to build on its success. The Department just recently constructed its written plan for success also known as the Strategic Plan and SWOT analysis. This is the blueprint for the agency to follow. This not only serves as a blueprint, but it’s the map for success that the community can engage and become a part of. Some of those goals and objectives are more full-time officers, 24/7 around the clock law enforcement services, better equipment, personnel development, community partnerships, accreditation, future police facility, and positioning MPD as a model agency for others to follow.  

 MPD is only as strong as the community that supports them. Your time and feedback to many of our initiatives would be greatly appreciated. We invite you to become involved and invested in your police department.


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