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Position Objectives:


The City of Midway in Florida is seeking to hire a part time Planner II.  This is advanced professional positions is responsible for community planning, research, and design relating to current land development and rezoning proposals, environmental assessment, planning and ecological research, or planning and developing programs, depending upon the functions of the department to which the position is assigned. This position will supervise permitting, compliance or engineering staff/consultants. An employee in a position allocated to this class receives direction from the Midway City Manager and must exercise considerable judgment in technical planning matters and report regularly to the City Manager on issues concerns, projects for and within the City of Midway, or that may impact the growth/development of Midway.


Duties and Responsibilities:


Collects and analyzes data; writes reports and makes recommendations that result in improved service delivery. I responsible for executing a wide variety of planning and planning-related tasks; coordinates the efforts of agencies concerned with planning and funding activities; plans and organizes the work of work unit for the most efficient performance of the duties involved; receives general work assignments, schedules their completion and makes assignments to subordinates; acquires, compiles and analyzes research data and prepares reports; performs the more difficult planning assignments and reviews work done by subordinates; reports to superior on the progress of work; makes adjustments as necessary in scheduling of work and prepares or reviews plans and reports. Assists and informs the public and other departments on matters concerning planning and environmental management, as is applicable. Conducts environmental assessments of specific sites or projects proposals. Conducts research on various environmental development issues; writes and develops management strategies and technical reports. Documents and analyzes building permit information. Analyzes proposed annexation areas to determine conformance with local, state, and federal statutory laws and prepares required report on newly annexed properties required by the county to be coded and added to ad valorem tax base for Midway.

Land Use: Responsible for matters that pertain to amendments to zoning map and site plan review and subdivision regulations as assigned. Reviews development applications rezoning, and Planned Unit Developments for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan. Evaluates land development regulations, prepares amendments to regulations. Presents final work product in writing or verbally. Evaluates problems, coordinates responses to citizens and elected officials thorough the Citizen Relations Office. Conducts site visits. Analyzes land use applications. Prepares oral and written reports concerning same. Reports to City Manager and to the Council as directed by City Manager. Researches and prepares reports on land use studies. Administers public hearing process on developments of Regional Impact and participates in the review process. Prepares memoranda and correspondence pertaining to any aspects of zoning or current plans. Works with developers and landowners to integrate developments within the community and ensure plans are consistent with the development at build out. Conducts site evaluations. Responds to internal and external inquires related to projects. Monitors work flow ensuring timeliness. Evaluates, develops, modifies, and implements fee schedules for section. Develops and submits reports, documents section activities, as well as, completes industry related surveys. Prepares quarterly reports and report for division budget requests. Monitors expenditures for work orders. Attends training and developmental sessions to keep abreast of changes.

Minimum Qualifications/Skills:

Knowledge of the principles and practices of planning and urban design. Considerable knowledge of laws and regulations related to planning. Ability to read and review architectural drawings and site plan documents. Ability to conduct planned Unit Development Reviews. Ability to formulate land development regulations. Ability to perform technical research work and to give reliable advice on difficult planning projects. Ability to maintain effective working relationships as necessitated by the work. Ability to communicate effectively orally, with visual aids, and in writing. Skills in research methods and analysis. Technologically proficient.


Minimum Requirements:


Possession of a master’s degree in planning, public administration, a field related to the aforementioned areas or a field directly related to the area to which the position is assigned and at least three (3) years of experience in planning and/or growth management that include planning; or a bachelor’s degree in planning, public administration, a field related to the aforementioned areas or a field directly related to the area to which the position is assigned and five (5) years of professional experience that include planning, or an equivalent combination of training and experience.


More Information:

For additional questions please contact: Angelia Goldwire at 850.574.2355. Applications will be accepted until filled.