Office of the City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City. The City Manager is responsible for providing the necessary executive leadership to carry out the mission, goals, and policies established by City Council. The City Manager's Office oversees preparation of the City Council Agenda for every Council meeting. The City Manager advises and coordinates implementation of policies adopted by City Council. The office is responsible for providing leadership and management of the City's operations, including guidance, coordination, and planning service delivery. The City Manager is responsible for long-range and strategic planning and develops recommendations for new programs indicating scope, cost justification and impact statements for consideration by City Council. The City Manager presents an annual budget to the City Council and is charged with advising the City Council with regard to the financial condition of the city and its future needs. The City Manager's Office represents the City at meetings, conferences, events, and maintains a cooperative working relationship with other governmental agencies, citizens, state, and federal agencies. The City Manager also, reviews legislative activity at the federal and state level to determine applicability and potential impact on the City and advises City Council of such impact. 



Government Services

There are four major departments within the City. Each is under the leadership of a Department Director who reports to the City Manager. 

Principles of Government Service

The City of Midway employee mission statement is to provide service to citizens through a comprehensive team effort emphasizing honesty, excellence, efficiency, and hard work. Our values are:

  1. Commitment to quality services, delivered in a responsive, efficient and professional manner.
  2. Commitment to productivity which encourages creative flexibility and accountability to address changing needs.
  3. Commitment to a positive work environment built on honesty, trust and loyalty.
  4. Commitment to community goals which also meets the needs of individuals.