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Effective October 1, 2015, the City of Midway created a new position within the ranks of the 2 respective public safety agencies within the City. City of Midway Police and Fire are now under the direction of a Director of Public Safety. The Director of Public Safety serves in a dual role as the Chief of Police as well. Within the hierarchy of the public safety department, each division reports to the Director of Public Safety.

In an effort to streamline public safety services, and the need for a centralized administrative point of contact and visionary, the Director of Public Safety role was created. Police Services are still managed daily via the Chief of Police and his command structure. Fire Services are now managed from an administrative standpoint by the Director of Public Safety, however, day to day fire administration and operations will remain under the direction of the Volunteer Fire Chief.

This consolidation is widely known as "nominal" consolidation. This consolidation creates 1 unified budget in which the Director of Public Safety will manage to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of public safety services within each division.